English I Supply List                        
  • Loose-leaf paper (always bring some to class)
  • Composition Notebook (the marbled type, see image below) Note: spiral notebooks are not allowed
  • 1-inch binder with filler paper,  pockets and tabs (notes, homework, writing, reading, handouts, etc.)
  • English/Spanish or Portuguese/English or a dictionary (for ESOL students)  
  • Pens and pencils at all times
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener (portable)
  • Index cards (to leave at home)
  • Copy/Printer paper (to leave at home)
  • Post-it for notes and tabs (see below)
  • highlighter(s)
  • agenda
  • Collections textbook

-Donations accepted for construction paper, tissue paper, poster paper, hand sanitizer, printer paper,
band-aids, etc.