1. abdicate (v) to decline or reject a powerful position, such as a kingship
2. affectation (n) an exaggerated or deliberate mannerism
3. arbitrary (adj) done or chosen without a reason; random
4. beseech (v) to beg or plead                                                                                      
5. censorious (adj) finding fault; judging harshly
6. consensus (n) an opinion that is agreed upon by all members of a group
of people
7. cudgel (n) a short, thick blunt weapon; a club
8. despite (prep) in spite of
; notwithstanding
9. effrontery (n) boldness; audacity: shameless
10. fealty (n) loyalty; fidelity
11. hesitant (adj) lacking decisiveness; uncertain or unwilling to make a
12. inaudible (adj) unable to be heard
13. lithe (adj) moving or bending easily; graceful and fluid in motion
14. metamorphosis (n) a change in form or shape, often from one stage of
development to another, as a caterpillar turning into a butterfly
15. nocturnal (adj) belonging to, occurring in, or related to the nighttime
16. opulence (n) riches or affluence, especially as shown by expensive or
ostentatious possessions or lifestyle
17. partition (n) something which separates two parts or areas
18. phonetic (adj) of, relating to, or representing the sounds of speech
19. prolong (v) to make something last longer; to extend a period of time
20. reckless (adj) careless or unwise; unheeding of danger
Vocab 2
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